How To: Personalize Your Instagram Bio

The more I work in marketing, the more I realize how much people don’t know about this little thing called social media. It really is crazy how much strategy goes into such an everyday piece of life. Social media is a way of communicating who you, or who your brand is, digitally. It’s an art. So for those of you looking to ad a little artistic touch to your Instagram, here are some simple tips on personalizing your Instagram bio:

Start by watching this quick YouTube tutorial from Jaden Easton. He does a great job describing how to do the basics either on your computer or on your phone:

Then style away with emoticons & symbols from the site he mentioned,, like I did with mine:


If you want to center your bio, simply copy and paste the blank space below and enter into your bio before the lines you want to center. It initially shows up as dots, but I promise it works.


And ta-da! You’re standard bio is now that much more YOU.

Personalize Your Instagram