I love fonts. As a Marketing Director, I work with my graphic designers all day long to determine which fonts are best for our brand and look best on our ads. And it secretly kills me. I am SO envious of our designers. I love what they do and the creativity they get to have. I sit over their shoulders and live vicariously though them, imagining how I want our ads to look and using their Photoshop & Illustrator skills to get there. I so wish I knew how to use those systems like they do! However, I would probably go crazy with my nit-picky, perfectionist tendencies. I swear, the only reason we get anything done is because I don’t want to ask them to do that last tiny edit when the only person who will notice is me. Anyway, I digress.

There are countless fonts out there to choose from. In my wanna-be-designer phase without the luxury of Adobe Suite, I have to make due with Mac Pages and the occasional PowerPoint ghetto design (if anyone has any better ideas for free Photoshop-like design tools I am more than open to hearing them). Unfortunately, these programs don’t have the best fonts. I have however, been able to find several free fonts online that I have been able to download to my computer.

Follow these 3 steps to add your own free fonts to your marketing/blogging/design arsenal.

1.) Research free online fonts. I found a blog ( that features free fonts that are very much my style in neat little infographics. Definitely check out the blog for other fonts and the best printable DIYs around. For more free fonts visit font download websites like and


(Click on the font name below and the link will take you to the download.)

1. Quicksand  2. Museo Slab  3. Raleway Thin  4. Lobster  5. Diner  6. Learning Curve Pro  7. Ostrich Sans  8. Channel  9. Sedgwick Co.  10. Josefin


1. Parisienne  2. Channel  3. Janda Stylish  4. Wisdom Script  5. CAC Champagne  6. Grand Hotel  7. Sail  8. Sacramento  9. Kunstler  10. Radagund


1. Lavenderia  2. Pacifico  3. Yellowtail  4. Marketing Script   5. Qumpellka  6. Matchbook  7.Geared Slab  8. Deming  9. Lorena  10. Market Deco


1. Champignon  2. Rechtman  3. Clyburn  4. Exmouth  5. Cursif  6. Sackers Gothic  7. Jacques Francois  8. Alexandria  9. Old Standard  10. Josephin Sans

2.) Download them to your computer and install the fonts. On a Mac, you can follow these easy steps:

– In the Finder, open the folder that contains the fonts you want to install (most likely “Downloads” if you just downloaded them).

– Open the zip drive containing the fonts and select the font types you want to install.

– Drag and drop the fonts into the Applications folder “Font Book.”

-You will now see your fonts installed.

*For more details on different systems or Macs, visit here.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.12.30 PM

3. Enjoy fonting!

– Exibit A: My birthday invitation from a few months ago. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.22.14 PM


How To: Personalize Your Instagram Bio

The more I work in marketing, the more I realize how much people don’t know about this little thing called social media. It really is crazy how much strategy goes into such an everyday piece of life. Social media is a way of communicating who you, or who your brand is, digitally. It’s an art. So for those of you looking to ad a little artistic touch to your Instagram, here are some simple tips on personalizing your Instagram bio:

Start by watching this quick YouTube tutorial from Jaden Easton. He does a great job describing how to do the basics either on your computer or on your phone:

Then style away with emoticons & symbols from the site he mentioned,, like I did with mine:


If you want to center your bio, simply copy and paste the blank space below and enter into your bio before the lines you want to center. It initially shows up as dots, but I promise it works.


And ta-da! You’re standard bio is now that much more YOU.

Personalize Your Instagram